Sweet Love and Kindness

Certain Kinda Sound

Lock Of Faith

Growing Stains

Until They Do

Who I am (Acoustic)

Wild Horses

It’s Love Not A Game

Don’t Change

How Long Is This Ride

Who I am (Electric)

What It Is I Hear

Gone wishing

Make Love Last

Save The Earth

I Believe

There’s A Light That Shines

Oh Dad

There’s No Secrets In My Soul

If She Ever Came Back To Me

Before The Moon

This Time

When You Sat Me On Your Knees

The Forest Queen


Trails End

The Spirit Of Nature

I Can

Floating Around

Til I Find A Way

Look Near Your Heart

Just Below The Surface

In Search Of My Divine

Mother Earth

I am The Universe

Follows Me Home

Save The Earth

All The Things You Are


High On Life

With You

Blind Man’s Bluff

After All Is Said And Done

It’s A Love Rendezvous

Yes She Can

Arrowhead The Great Unknown

Right On Cue

Say Love One Love

Green Valentine

By Design From Everything Divine

The Love We Share

In My Silence




Every Bit Of You

Remember What You Learn From Life

She Is with Me Now

River Of Dreams

Morning,Noon &Night

Sista Mo

I listened Twice The First Time

Let Love In

Silent Echoes 1993

What It Is Hear 1995

It’s A Wildlife 1999

Gaia 2001

High On Life 2011